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Business content is increasing at a staggering rate. Today’s businesses are greatly affected by undisciplined content. It strikes muddles regulatory compliance, efficiency, increases business risks, and drives up the cost of doing business.

Companies want to set-up, capture, add greater insights by dynamically seeking more association across departments to increase productivity and engage a truly mobile cross-border workforce. But overstretched IT departments are surrounded with technical challenges that divert from focusing on these issues

Dztul’s online collaboration platform provides clients with an enriched feature list not limited collaboration, content management, and business applications.

Maximise your ROI

Dztul’s value proposition is based on an integrated and innovative way to manage web content, marketing collateral, scanned documents, training videos, images and other types of digital assets within your enterprise.

We bring to the table coordination of countless key functionality on one system to

  • Cut down cost expenses for application platform, portal and products.
  • Email Integration
  • Gain all- approval governance for file sharing best practices
  • Document edition control

We plan an adapted solution roadmap in line with your business priorities and necessities..

  • Online Support
  • Information anywhere, anytime
  • Self-service
  • content Management
  • Business insight through associated dashboards

We construct highly customizable Intranet resolution; help businesses combine information resources through a single content depository. DZTUL can associate with you in your Intranet plan at any stage of expansion with complete solution definition, development, deployment, design and maintenance.

DZTUL Approaches Your Intranet Solution design in the following steps:

  • Technology and resolution planning
  • Expansion
  • Execution
  • Post-implementation support services
  • Requirement study
  • Proposal definition
  • Workflow/ process design

Our intranet platform combined with social and collaborative approach brings your workplace together that leads to improved process efficiencies and add up to big cost savings.  

DZTUL operation framework helps collect the following benefits:

  • Better workflow makes sure a simplified document edition control
  • Stream-lined employees with flawless team collaboration and workforce mobility
  • Sharing and editing documents online drives down OPEX
  • Full-on group records management enhances compliance practice and risk management

We have designed and deployed successful tailored Intranet solutions for large enterprises cut across Industries.

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