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eCommerce web improvement has certainly become a need instead of means to drive greater traffic. DZTUL offers out of the box solutions to assist you make your online empire. We can help you construct and develop your business. Whether you are a promising florist ready to go from shop to online or a recognized business expanding online to reach untouched markets, we can help you with a customized eCommerce solution.

eCommerce Website Features

  • Search Box
  • Featured Products
  • Variety Products
  • Optimized checkout page for usability
  • content Management functionality
  • Actual Time Reporting
  • Accept Credit Card and PayPal

Magento is a Strong eCommerce platform which is used by half of the planet, proving its flexibility and usability. At DZTUL, we customize the Magento platform

Our team of experts at Our group of experts at DZTUL can show you the choices accessible and help you sell your goods online. Depending on the level of computerization, our Magento eCommerce Development group can create a result for your business so that you can decrease your managerial costs significantly. We have an excellent team of .net programmers, PHP developers, HTML programmers who all work together to give a solution for your exclusive business requirements. They make sure your eCommerce website is not only optimized to load faster but also research to find the best solutions for composite integrations with 3rd parties

Our Quality Rich Magento eCommerce Solution Platform

DZTUL understands that each business has an exclusive set of challenges when they start out to create an eCommerce platform. With the flexibility of the Magento eCommerce platform, the variables are boundless as to how simple or complex you wish your system to be. Below is a sample of what our eCommerce platform can contain.


Backend Management

  • Category management and inventory management
  • content Management System Integration
  • Category management and account management with 3rd parties
  • Export stuffing slips and labels

Frontend Management

  • Tradition image views (360 degrees or galleries)
  • Optimized and exchange focused products pages
  • Exceptionally designed Home page
  • Single page checkout

Payment Management

  • Several currencies offering
  • Custom delivery charge calculators
  • Several payment gateways and payment methods (PayPal, PayU etc.)
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Money converters or multi lingual capabilities
  • Voucher Code Functionality

Security Management

  • Safe Servers
  • Fully Protected Payment Pages

Social Media Management

  • Optimized code
  • Particular Membership Areas
  • Social Media Combination

Tracking Management

  • Optimized and exchange focused products pages
  • Optimized code
  • Analytics

Please note, if you do not see an item on the list and wish to discuss including it in your next eCommerce Website, do contact us as we have a very experienced and talented pool of PHP and .net developers who are always keen to take up a challenge Contact Us.

Mobile eCommerce

With our strategically placed Call to Action and a single checkout process, now is the time to act and seriously. We can even help link your store to Ebay or any other online store.

We not only adapt your eCommerce Solution but with our Internet Marketing team working alongside, we also generate a search engine friendly solution for your business. As E-commerce reaches new heights, now is the time to develop your online business and market your products and services to a very large viewer base. Our fully customizable stage is set to assist you advertise one hundred or ten thousand products.

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