Magento eCommerce Development

Developing an effective Magento Ecommerce website involves Creativity, Skills and Experience. By working with Synotive , you can be certain about receiving all the three criteria. We believe in delivering a stable, engaging and flexible Ecommerce website. We use Magento shopping solutions to create a website that gives your customer a pleasant online shopping experience thus increasing your conversion rate.

Magento Services


Magento Website Design

A professionally designed website enables you to distinguish your BRAND from competitors and Increase sales, in turn generating higher revenue. Our creative believe in implementing Industry’s best practices to deliver a sales generating website.


Magento Development

Every Ecommerce Website we develop are optimised by proficient Magento developers for durability and efficiency. Magento being our favoured Magento Ecommerce platform, we pride ourselves for developing converting, flexible & engaging Magento Website along with their extensions.


Marketing Services

Our Digital Marketing team specialises in targeted online campaigns. Hence amplifying your online presence and generating leads & sales from your Magento Ecommerce Website.


Ebay Integration

Expand your online selling capabilities by automatically integrating your ecommerce website with your ebay store. This enables you to save time by managing your ebay product inventory from your existing ecom website.


Magento Support

We monitor your site which will include new feature integration to website crash and provide immediate support. Hence protecting your Online Store.


Extension Integration

We analyse your business model and accordingly choose and install Magento extensions, therefore increasing sales and revenue.

Why Magento as your Ecommerce Platform?

  • Easy online Store Maintenance
  • You can have multiple store with single Admin
  • Magento is a feature rich platform
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Magento is adaptable and flexible
  • Customers find it easy to search products
  • Magento enables focused navigation and filters
  • Magento is more engaging

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